006 - Spa Packages at Blowing Rock, NC

40% of Americans have Bought Pets for a Fashion Statement. Present Company Included.

Brant & Trant are sorely disappointed by the misleading town of Blowing Rock, NC. Luckily, a purveyor of luxurious and decadent activities spices up their trip! Also in this episode, New Year's Resolutions! Because changing is a process, and New Year's Day landed on a holiday this year.

005 - Quarantine at Brant's House

Spoiler: The Whole Episode is a Fever Dream!

Brant & Trant use an unforseen illness to reevalute what is most important in life - Themselves! This episode, our hosts discuss their personal remedies for sickness, orchestrate celebrity feuds and scandals, and give a compliment to someone who isn't a celebrity! But who??

004 - Game Show at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery

I Always Thought Game Shows Recorded in Studios Were a Little Stiff

This week join Brant and Trant in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for a languid brunch. After an unfortunate run-in with a feral cat colony, the boys spill their GUTS to their 90's childhood idols. Get ready for slime!

003 - Gift Exchange at an Abandoned Mall in Akron

With enough Christmas Spirit, your wishes can come true! Your horrible, selfish wishes.

Brant & Trant may be in Ohio, but that won't ruin their Christmas Cheer! Well, maybe it will for Trant... Join our hosts as they exhange gifts, meet up with a couple of Festive Guests, rank the Twelve Daddies of Christmas and loot a decrepit Cinnabon!

"The Gay Agenda Theme" by Caitlin Gilmore "Blow-Up Santa" by ccMixter "Bring Those Presents to Me!" by Jeremy Allingham

002 - Mind Mom at Rickley's Ya Better Believe It, or Don't Museum

For a Free Tarot Card Deck, Sleight One from your Local Magic Shop!

Trant Transon & Brant Branson, your favorite talk shomosexuals, visit a knock off museum to meet a supernatural Special Guest. But first, get some tips to Shake up your Chakras, learn our hosts' futues with Tarot card reading, and learn what kind of tree you are!

"The Gay Agenda Theme" by Caitlin Gilmore "Summer Fun" by Scott Holmes

001 - Bespoke Vision Boards in Detroit

Can you call it a mimosa if it doesn't have Veuve Clicquot?

Trant Transon & Brant Branson, your favorite talk shomosexuals, drop anchor in Detroit, and prep brunch for its fair citizens! Chat app tips, Bespoke Vision Boards designed by Brant, and a MYSTERY Celebrity Guest!

"The Gay Agenda Theme" by Caitlin Gilmore "Summer Fun" by Scott Holmes "Jump for Joy" by Scott Holmes

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